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Proposed Amendments

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Lost 13th Amendment Was Actually Ratified
Some reasearchers contend that a constitutional amendment was ratified in 1819 penalizing citizens who accepy titles of nobility or other honors, at least from foreign governments.
Proposed Amendments not Ratified by the States
Over the course of American history, six amendments have been proposed by the Senate and House and yet never been ratified by the states. Some of these proposed amendments specify no deadline for ratification.
Repeal 17th Amendment
Information about repealing the seventeenth amendment to the U.S. Constitution, so that U.S. Senators are again elected by state legislatures. Senators might spend less time raising campaign cash.
Riddick on Constitutional Amendments in the U.S. Senate
Senate treatment of proposed constitutional amendments is described, and it is explained that these amendments are proposed in the form of "joint resolutions."
Some Proposed Constitutional Amendments
A list of amendments proposed in the U.S. Congress over the past several years.
The Liberty Amendment
Proposed 28th Amendment would repeal income, estate, and gift taxes, and liquidate approximately 900 federal agencies, commissions, and quasi government corporations engaging in business-type activities.
U.S. House Joint Resolutions, 108th Congress
U.S. House Joint Resolutions include many proposed constitutional amendments that have been considered by the House, some of which have been considered by the Senate too.
U.S. Senate Joint Resolutions, 108th Congress
Constitutional amendments are proposed in the form of Senate Joint Resolutions, although not all joint resolutions deal with constitutional amendments.

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